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Due to COVID -19
ICIDL & IIC 2020
International Conference

I-LISS is working to build a strong LIS community across the world, to share the wisdom among the LIS community. We are really happy to have you be one of the members of our newly - started professional society.

LIS working and practicing professionals those who are interested in becoming one of our member of this prestigious society.

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International Library and Information Science Society (I-LISS) formerly LISSASPAC is one of the International non-profit organizations representing the interest of Library and Information service professionals and library users. The society was founded in SRM University Tamil Nadu, India during the 2nd ICIDL 2015 International Conference on “Innovation Driven Librarianship” chaired by Prof. Dong-Geun Oh, Keimyung University, South Korea.


I-LISS Article of the year 2019 Award, Nomination open.

Memeber advised to submit the article on or before 31st Aug 2020

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