Establishment of New National Chapter
Establishing new national chapter, Initiating members can follow the guideline to start a I-LISS local chapter.

  • Initiating member is advised to check the existing list of National Chapters in home page. If your nation not listed in the home page “National Chapters”, you may proceed to start I-LISS local chapter.
  • For starting of new National Chapter, minimum 5 members are required to establish new national chapter.
  • Initiating member (Associate Professor or Professor with Doctoral degree) may be the Vice-President of the National Chapter.
  • All other members will accept the Initiating member become a Vice-Presidents of the National Chapter.
  • Once the above requirements fulfilled he/she send request mail to President and Co-President, stating that they are willing to start new National Chapter.
  • Upon the acceptance of the President and Co-President, The Secretary-General will send communication and guideline to start new chapter.
  • In case of minimum (5) numbers of members are not available or joint. Till the national chapter is established, a new member can register to I-LISS as members from "Other Nations".

Vice President: Dr/Prof.
Mobile NO:
Member: 1) Dr / Prof.
2) Dr / Prof.
3) Dr / Prof.
4) Dr / Prof.
5) Dr / Prof.

He/She proposed to start new National Chapter, minimum 5 members(including Vice President) are required to establish new national chapter

You add more members after establishing National Chapter